Magento Directory Structure

It’s important to know base Magento directory structure to customize Magento installation or development Magento extensions.

  • Base directory
  • + app: Magento application code, layouts templates and configuration data
  • + code: Contains the whole Magento code separated into code pools
  • + community
  • + core
  • + local
  • + design: Magento design templates and layouts
  • + adminhtml
  • + frontend
  • + install
  • + etc: System configuration files
  • + locale: Localization files for different languages
  • Mage.php: Magento factory, application autoloader initialization and the definition of the static Mage class, that serves as a hub for all elementary operations of Magento engine
  • + js: Javascript libraries used in Magento
  • + lib: External libraries un aware about Magento code which are deeloped either by Magento team or third-party developers
  • + media: Image and media storage
  • + skin: Magento design skins including images and CSS
  • + var: Various dynamically created Magento files, like cache, locks, session storage etc.
  • .htaccess: Configuration file for Apache web server
  • index.php: Magento boostrap file, entry point for all calls

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