Phpmyadmin problem

I had problem with phpmyadmin couple days ago. I tried to execute not very simple sql query on remote MySQL server there was several JOINs and ON, WHERE statements but when I executed my script I caught error from MySQL – something like `this field doesn’t exists` etc.. Then I reduced complexity of query but error didn’t go anyway. This fact perplexed me because I checked `bad` field many times…

Well the problem was very simple: when I filled name of table field by phpmyadmin I copied and pasted value with whitespaces of the end. And of course even the simplest queries is failed. 🙁 but phpmyadmin didn’t show this in DB structure because superfluous spaces doesn’t show in html..

I’m just surprised why developers didn’t use trim() to solve this because I don’t think that somebody use field’s names with whitespaces in the begin or the end of field’s name.

Or maybe it’s just specificity for my version of db client.

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