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Hi, I am Yuriy

Yuriy Perevoznikov

Senior Software Engineer at NetProtect

I’m a seasoned software engineer with over 15 years of diverse experience. Throughout my career, I’ve undertaken numerous web projects as both a freelancer and a contractor. These projects have spanned a wide range of domains, including e-commerce solutions, VPN infrastructure, and ISP dashboard software. My passion for technology and problem-solving drives my work, and I’m constantly seeking new challenges to further enhance my skills.



Senior Software Engineer

Feb 2020 - Present,

NetProtect is a global leader in internet protection. With a sophisticated yet simple array of consumer and business solutions, NetProtect delivers secure, open access to files, websites, software, and media. That access is available anywhere, as NetProtect’s infrastructure spans more than 40 countries, with apps available in 26 languages.

  • Develop various micro-services for ecommerce and vpn related infrastructure using Python, NodeJs, PHP, communicating via REST API, RabbitMQ and Kafka
  • Create Python packages to aggregate common logic from different services (tested with tox and pytest)
  • Support legacy projects (Python, PHP, NodeJs, Go, Hugo, Frontend)
  • Plan and integration AWS Cognito (Auth Management system) into micro services and 3rd party systems
  • Occasional help with DevOps-related tasks (AWS)
  • Create and support ReactJs SPA (NextJs)
  • Create and support Docker environments
  • Increased system speed by over 200% through software upgrades (Python, PHP)
  • Implemented Docker Compose development infrastructure for approximately 30 services, encompassing critical components such as HashiCorp Vault, Elastic/OpenSearch, Kafka, relational databases, backend and frontend applications, resulting in a remarkable reduction of developer onboarding time from hours to just 10 minutes.
  • Developed and maintained an API and server daemon to support WireGuard VPN, serving a network of over 4,000 servers and catering to more than 1 million monthly clients. Achieved an impressive response time under 100ms.
  • Managed migration of 8000 customers (self-hosted WHMCS to Zuora) from two different billing processors (Paypal and Bluesnap)
  • Successfully integrated AWS Cognito into self-managed services and proxy for 3rd party services, serving a user base of over 200,000 active customers, resulting in the decommissioning of a previously used Redis cluster and achieving cost saving, improved scalability and enhanced security.

Senior Software Engineer

Apr 2017 - Feb 2020,

SaferVPN is a startup founded in 2013 prividing VPN services. In 2019, the brand was acquired by NetProtect.

  • Support Laravel/PHP website + Frontend
  • Develop API on NodeJS using Express framework, Jest as test framework, MongoDB as database and RabbitMq as a message broker
  • Support integration with WHMCS/PHP (billing system)
  • Team lead 4 people on the project for short period of time until SaferVPN product was acquired by J2 Global (now - Ziff Davis)
  • Create and support ReactJs SPA
  • Create and support Docker environments
  • Reduced codebase by ~50% by identifying and removing dead code, resulting in improved code maintainability and reduced complexity.
  • Reduced dead code by 30% through comprehensive cleaning of Node.js API project and MongoDB storage.
  • Successfully led a team of 4 developers, resulting in timely delivery of milestones.
  • Implemented an automation dashboard, reducing support tasks for the development department to nearly 0%.
  • Achieved 40% code coverage with Jest test suite, enhancing the reliability and stability of the Node.js API.
  • Successfully authored comprehensive project documentation, facilitating the acquisition process and ensuring a smooth transition for the acquiring company
  • Ensured seamless billing and payment processing for customers, contributing to customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Fullstack Web developer

Apr 2015 - Apr 2017,

I worked on various fullstack projects in this period, mostly web services but also some minor scripting/automation.

  • Develop websites with PHP (using frameworks/CMS’ Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Kohana, Yii2, Wordpress)
  • Various frontend technologies (AngularJS 1.*, Vue, JQuery, Vanilla JS, SASS, LESS, BEM methodology)
  • Many small scripts on php, nodejs, python for scientific, ecommerce needs

Web developer / Mobile app developer
Skolkovo Institute Science and technology

Oct 2014 - Apr 2015,

The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) is a private graduate research university. Established in October 2011 in collaboration with MIT, Skoltech educates global leaders in innovation, advances scientific knowledge and fosters new technologies.

  • Develop mobile app for research experiments inside the institute (using Titanium SDK)
  • Develop API for the mobile app (PHP)

Fullstack Web developer
Freelance (Mostly webMOBI)

Mar 2010 - Oct 2014,

webMOBI is a self-service engagement platform that allows you to create quickly, edit, and instantly publish engaging web apps and native mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS & Android Devices.

  • Develop website, API, mobile web apps (PHP, JQuery mobile)

.Net Web developer
RusWizards (Now Distillery)

Dec 2009 - Mar 2010,

Software outsourcing company

  • Develop .Net web applications, frontend

Junior Web developer

Apr 2008 - Dec 2009,

Belarus company, currently working mainly with Magento but back then working on different web projects (not only e-commerce)

  • Develop and support web projects of the company (PHP)
  • Support Magento stores
  • Participate in development


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Engeneer (Computer Science)